H. JAVAHERI, Mohammad Komponistenlexikon

H. JAVAHERI, Mohammad

H. JAVAHERI Mohammad

Schopenhauerstraße 5
99423 Weimar
Mobil: 0178/30 79 653
E-Mail: m89 (dot) javaheri (at) gmail (dot) com
Homepage: https://soundcloud.com/mohammad-h-javaheri

* 19.09.1989 Tehran, Iran

He was born and raised in 1989 in Tehran. In 2009 he started studying at Tehran Conservatory and playing flute in its orchestra. He startet playing Setar at Tehran University of Art and completed his bachelor's degree in Iranian Music Performance in 2015. Meanwhile he was a bass singer in Tehran Choir and composed for TV series. He also had worked as a piano instructor at Tehran concervatory for 2 years and had performed his pieces in Iran. In 2017 he started his master's degree in composition in Bilkent University with Tolga Yayalar and had his pieces were performed in several festivals in Turkey such as "Sesin Yolculuğu genç besteciler festivali" and "Bilkent Brassfest' 18". Encountering with Electro-Acoustic music, which has been started with Tolga Yayalar and it is continuing with Robin Minard, has led to different performances during his career. After getting nominated for the Erasmus+Program in 2018 to study in HFM Franz Liszt Weimar with Ulrich Kreppein, he has been working with different musicians and orchestras such as Carin Levine, Radiofm.Bauhaus, MDR and DBO Orchestras, and also ensembles including De Musique Expérimentale Du Bauhaus, Cikada, MISE-EN, Omnibus and NeoQuartet. He was a guest lecturer about Transcultural Music in HFM WEimar, had concerts and performances in Weimar, Arnstadt, Weimarer Frühjahrstage 2019 in Germany and won prizes in 20th International Chamber Music Composition Competition as well. He is currently got selected as one of the featured composers of MISE-EN Festival 2019 in New York and BCA19 Academy in Ankara, and will have performances with DBO in ZKM Next Generation 8.0 program in June.

He has worked with noteworthy composers such an Karen Keyhani, Amir Eslami, Mark Andre, Onur Türkmen, Bruno Mantovani, Ken Ueno, Micheal Obst, Laurie San Martin, Reinhard Karger.

Winner of the 2nd price of 20th International Chamber Music Composition Competition, 2019
Winner of the Public price for the best piece of 20 International Chamber Music Composition Competition, 2019


Obsession (2016-2017, Revised 2018-2019)
Chamber Music; String Quartet; it got selected for Sesin Yolculuğu genç besteciler festivali 10 and the first performance by Hezarfen Ensemble in 2017, revised 2018 second performance by NeoQuartet and it won 2 prizes

Sheida (2018-2019)
Chamber Music; Nay, Oboe, Chang, Tanbur, String Quartet & Electronics; Nay, Chang and Tanbur are Uzbekiastanis instruments, Commissioned by Omnibus Ensemble

Do Novo Remutations (2018-2019)
Orchestra; 2,2,2,2/2,2,2,0/1 timp/2 perc/8,6,4,3,2; Commissione by MDR Orchestra

Rebirth (2018)
Chamber Music; flute, Clarinet, Perc, Piano, String Quartet; it got selected for Sesin Yolculuğu genç besteciler festivali 11 and the frist performance by Hezarfen Ensemble, it got selected for MISE-EN Festival 2019 in New York und will be revised.

Monologues of My Pillow (2018)
Electronics / Solo & Electronics; fixed tape (4 or 2 speakers) / fixed tape + trombone; it has 2 versions: for electronics/for Trombone and Electronics (2018), The Electronic could be for 2 or 4 speakers. The piece got selected for Bilkent Brassfest' 18.

- Distorted Dots, for Bass Flute and Electronics (Work in Progress, will be finished in 2019) - Carin Levine
- Dialogue in the Mirror, for solo Trumpet (Work in Progress) - (Philippe Brunet)
- Stained Soul, for Uzbekistan's Nay and Chang (Work in Progress) - Rakhshav Tukhtamishev & Batyr Dosimbetov
- Anonymous Wrinkles for Digital Bauhaus Orchestra (2019)
- Illusive Miniatures, for solo Piano (2018) - Juan Moreno
- Monologues of My Pillow, for Trombone and Electronics (2018) Cem Gongur
- The distance Between Me and My..Self, Duo for Bassoon and Flute (2017) - Cem Onerturk & Ozan Evruk
- Being, for Ensemble (2016), Think Thank Knowledge of Excellence Institution's Ensemble
- Unbounded Scream, for Oboe (2016, revised in 2018) - Sergio Montijano Bares
- Fantasy for Chaargah, for Orchestra (2016)
- Running Horses, for solo Piano (2016)





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