SCHILLINGS, Günter M. Komponistenlexikon



Blumenstraße 8
46459 Rees-Haffen
Mobil: 0174/74 79 292
E-Mail: guenther-m-schillings (at) t-online (dot) de

* 30.03.1956 Mülheim/Ruhr

At the age of 12, first masterclass with Pepe Romero (USA). Prior to, alongside and after studying at the Folkwang Hochschule further artistic training with Alexandre Lagoya (Nice/Paris) and Karl Scheit (Wien).
Studies in composition, musicology and conducting with Karl-Otto Schauerte, Silvio Foretic and Karlheinz Stockhausen (Cologne), 1978-1980 Assistant Professor of Prof. Dr. Dr. Friedrich W. Donat.
Lecturer at the Folkwang Hochschule for Music of the 20th Century.
Since 1980 full-time theory and guitar teacher and head of the preparatory education at the MKS-Wesel, and since 1990 also part-time cantor at Wesel and Mehrhoog.
Since 1974, artistic director and co-founder of several ensembles, workshops, competitions and festivals (eg "Ruhrfestspiele"​, "Duisburger Akzente"​, "Rheinisches Chamber Ensemble for New Music"​, "Symposium-NRW"​, "Rheinische Guitar Days"​, etc.).

1978 Fellow of the Darmstadt Courses for New Music.
1984 Prize of Gema-Foundation ("Concerto for Orchestra - 1984).

Editorial works for various publishers (Breitkopf & Haertel, Trekel, Chanterelle etc.)
Since 1984, artistic consultant for various guitar makers (eg, Erwin v. Grüner - Baiersdorf Andres D. Marvi - Granada, Andreas Krüger - Bielefeld)
He is a frequent guest lecturer and juror for several national and international festivals (guitar, composition, chamber music).
From 2003, a visiting professor at the UNIRIO - Universidade Federal do Estado in Rio de Janeiro.
Currently Günter M. Schillings directs one of the most successful guitar classes at music schools in Germany and has focused for a long time especially on the training and promotion of highly talented young guitarist.
Since 2003, he takes this task more true as an appointed member of the „Academy for young highly talented guitarists"​in Koblenz. Since 2004 he is head of the "Junior Academy"​ of "Koblenz International Guitar Festival & Academy“.

Proud D`Addario artist since 2010.


"Prolatio II a" Konzert für Orchester (1983/84)
18 Min.; (Picc., Ob., Picc.-Kl., BKl, Fg., Trp., B.-Pos., 3 Schlgz., Klav., Str.-Qua., Str.-Orch. o. Kb.); UA: 1984 Wesen (Sinfonieorchester d. Jmsch. Wesel); Ms.: Auff.-Mat. beim Komponisten; B: Audio Forum, Duisburg; Auftrag der Stadt Wesel

"Prolatio III a - In Vocatio" für Violine und Klavier (1984/85)
25 Min.; UA: 1987 Duisburg (Hans-Christian Siegert, Alexander Meyer v. Bremen); Ms.: Auff.-Mat. beim Komponisten; Auftrag des VDMK

"Prolatio VI b - Triste" für Altsaxophon und Klavier (1987/88)
12 Min.; UA: 1989 Dortmund (Nicole Reimer, Sabine Henkel); Ms.: Auff.-Mat. beim Komponisten; B: Audio Forum Duisburg

"Prolatio VIII d - Gratwanderung IV" für Saxophonquartett (1990/91)
31 Min.; UA: 1993 Zürich (Euler-Quartett, Basel); Ms.: Auff.-Mat. beim Komponisten; Auftrag des Euler-Quartetts

"Prolatio VI d" - Konzert für Altsaxophon und Orchester (1992/93)
17 Min.; (A.-Sax.-Solo, Picc., 2 Fl., 2 Ob., 2 Fg., 2 Trp., 1 Pos., 1 Tb., Str.-Orch.); UA: 1994 Wesel (Nicole Schillings, Rheinisches Sinfonieorch.); Ms.: Auff.-Mat. beim Komponisten; Auftrag der Stadt Wesel

sowie: 2 Klavierkonzerte, Lieder, Streichquartett und Kammermusik in verschiedener Besetzung; 5 Aphorisonen f. Klav. (1977), Sonate Nr. 1 f. Viol. (1977/78), anachronistische Gesänge f. hohe Stimme u. Klav. (1978), Quintett f. Kl., Vcl., Fg., Bar., Sax. u. Klav. (1985/86), Sonate Nr. 2 f. Viol. (1987), "Nachtstück 1" f. Klav. (1988/89), "Solo für «N»" f. A.-Sax. (1989), "«N»" f. A.-Sax. (1986), "Ricercare" f. A.-Sax., Fg., Vcl. u. Klav. (1989/90), "Endzeit" f. A.-Sax., Fg.,Vcl. u. Klav. (1990); "Toccata" f. Git. (1989/90); "Trauermusik" f. Str. (1992); "Miserere" f. Bar. u. Orch. (1991/92), "Nachtstück II" f. Viol. u. Git. (1993) und diverse andere Kmk. (die meisten Werke wurden inzwischen uraufgeführt)


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